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Let’s face it… The majority of today’s remaining door to door advertising publications typically end up in the trash, used as bird cage liners, or as kindling to help start fires. Many of the popular publications from the days of old, such as Penny Pincher and Penny Saver, are long gone. The idea and purpose for was to reinvent that simple, yet wholesome neighborhood advertising genre via today’s technological society. We do not promote or permit the adult-natured content found on other classified ad sites. Rather, we strive to bring back the simple, yet effective advertising - for just about anything that someone is willing to sell, buy, trade, or host. Type in a keyword and your zip code to see what’s for sale and/or going on in your neighborhood. It’s fun, easy, and most-importantly, all non-commercial ads are free! Simply register to start posting ads today!


We provide competitive rates to promote and advertise your neighborhood business, targeting prospective customers within your geographic area. Paid commercial listings can be purchased at different tiers which provide varying levels of visibility.

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